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Walking distance from Tyoply Stan metro station
Free secure parking for 400 cars
Free children under 12 years old
Wedding offers and business events
Billiard club, karaoke club, shopping center

Preparation for the World Cup 2018

We are preparing for the World Cup 2018: added 78 numbers, improve the work of staff and update the interior. TV channel Russia interviewed the management of Prince Park Hotel.

In the eve of the World Cup, 1000 Moscow hotels were tested for star rating, Prince Park Hotel was included in their number.

Inspectors assessed the condition of the building, rooms and the level of staff training

We added 78 rooms with rooms and continue updating the interior and infrastructure in the hotel for tourists from all over the world. We also updated the certificate of compliance with the standard four-star hotel, the hotel meets all the criteria for evaluation. We are talking about this in an interview for the television channel Russia at the 38th minute.