Booking rooms

Win a dinner in a luxurious restaurant

Reserve 4 rooms in the Prince until March 2018 and win a romantic dinner or weekend in a village.

Prince Park Hotel holds a promotion "Discounts and gifts for newlyweds" in conjunction with the magazine "Happy Wedding".

We make discounts on rooms, and the magazine offers a romantic dinner in a restaurant, a weekend for two in the Moscow region, a surprise for each participant and a special prize to the first participant who sent the card.

To participate you need to take a pink card "Superprize" from the magazine "Happy Wedding" and fill it in. Book a room in Prince Park Hotel 4 times until March 30, 2018. With each booking, the administrator will put you a stamp on the card. Send a photo of the card to the mail

The promotion runs until March 30, 2018, and in April we organize a solemn rewarding of participants and winners!